Privacy policy

This privacy notice applies to the use of personal information and other information by aerLoop Services. Together we refer to the company as “aerLoop”, “we”, “us” or “our”.

aerLoop is one of the leading ISP companies. We offer a range of services, deliver market-leading customer service and use innovative technology to give customers the best communications experience, whenever and wherever they choose.

Collecting information

  1. Information you provide

    On registration, we collect some personal information, such as the name of the user, phone number, email address and home and business postal addresses etc. The user may ask aerLoop to import his/her contacts by giving access to third party services including the user's email account services. aerLoop may send an invitation, when the user intends to invite other persons to join aerLoop services. Our servers may also intercept personal information including the email address of the invitees, when the user shares files with the invitees or vice-versa. aerLoop may collect such data and information and may use it for its intended purposes.

  2. Files

    We may collect and store the files which the user may upload, download, or access with the aerLoop service ("Files").

  3. Analytics

    We may collect some information (ourselves or using third party services) using logging and cookies, such as IP address, and such information is collected for the purpose of monitoring and administration and increasing the performance of aerLoop server activities.

  4. Log Data

    Our servers automatically detect information from the user device, its software, and user activities which may include the user's Internet Protocol ("IP") address, browser type, the web page history search information, search information carried on for our website, identification numbers associated with the user devices, user's mobile carrier, date and time stamps associated with user's transactions, user's system configuration information, user's metadata and meta tags concerning the user's files, and other interactions with the service.

  5. Cookies

    Our website uses "cookies" to make the aerLoop website easy to use and for user protection. The user can remove or block cookies using the settings in the user browser, however, such blocking may slow down the performance of the website on certain occasions.

Use of information

  1. Personal Information

    We may collect personal information from the user in the course of use of the service, solely to contact or to identify the user and such personal information is, and may be used for:

    1. enhancing the quality of the services;

    2. administration;

    3. continuing the use of the service,

    4. provide or offer software updates and product announcements. The user may "unsubscribe" from such communication on their account settings section.

  2. Retaining of data

    We will retain the user information only for, as long as, the user account is active or as long as the same is needed to provide our services. We will not retain any information against the consent of the user and on request for deletion of user account, we will quickly delete such information. However, the data remains on our servers for a short period of time and during this period, we ensure that the data is completely safe with us. We may also retain the user information for complying with any rules and regulations in force. However, such files which are held in common with other users are not deleted from the aerLoop servers.

  3. Geo-Location Information

    aerLoop server may collect geo location information and IP addresses of the user and aerLoop may use such information to improve its services and to comply with legal requirements.

Data Protection

We employ highest standards of data protection and our servers are malware and hacking protected. However, we cannot guarantee the absolute security of the aerLoop database, nor does aerLoop undertake any guarantee of the security of information during transmission over the internet. We caution our users that any information posted by the user in an open forum will be viewed by the public and hence aerLoop cannot guarantee the protection of any such user information posted in an open forum.

Third-Party Applications

When the user logs on in to the aerLoop website by using third party applications or services, such as google and facebook, aerLoop may share user information with/from such third party applications. However, our privacy policy does not cover for any risk or injury pursuant to the disclosure of information to any such third party.

Employee Monitoring and Compliances

The user information and data is encrypted directly on our servers; aerLoop employees are not allowed to access the same. However, aerLoop may disclose user information collected from the user to comply with any laws and regulations in force.


We follow a zero tolerance policy towards pornographic and sexually explicit content, harassment, adult content, threatening, verbal abuse and/or other forms of crime or criminal activities.

Parental guidance and supervision

We value the importance of parental guidance and supervision for any child below 16(sixteen) years of age, before sharing any information on our website. aerLoop will not be responsible for any loss or injury caused due to the lack of parental supervision.

Third Party Advertisements

We do not share user information such as user name, address, files, email address or telephone number with third party advertisers. However, third-party advertisers may serve ads to provide advertisements about their goods and services which might interest the user. The user may "unsubscribe" from such communication on their account settings section.

Fraudulent offers and mails

We caution our users against sharing of user information with any other websites or mails claiming to be associated with our website. aerLoop will not be responsible for such sharing of information with fraudulent mails and websites.

Safe Harbor Practices

aerLoop strives to adhere to the Safe Harbor framework developed by the U.S. Department of Commerce and the European Union.

Intellectual Property

We respect copyrights, trademarks, patents and other intellectual property rights of others. Before sharing any information, we request our user to ensure that they have the right to do so. On receiving any intimation regarding the violation of such rights from any third party or the authorities, aerLoop reserves the right to delete such infringing files /information, without any prior notice to the user.

Dispute Resolution and Applicable laws

We will attempt to resolve user issues at the earliest. Any clarification or issues may be addressed to: All services provided by aerLoop are in strict compliance with the rules and regulations framed by the Indian authorities and shall be governed by the laws of India.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is subject to change from time to time and any such change will be uploaded on our website immediately.

By agreeing to our privacy policy, the user also agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions governing the use of aerLoop. We request our users to go through our terms and conditions before using and/or accessing aerLoop services.